Since the startup in 1981 Industrilas specializes in the production and sale of commercial products and system solutions for latches, hinges and sealing technology for industrial applications. We offer you a wide range of standard products as well as the development and manufacturing of customized solutions, should you need something to make you stand out and be really memorable - or just something that does not yet exist. We have all production departments under one roof, meaning that we control the entire process - from design and manufacturing to surface treatments and assembly. We can definitely help you with your latching solutions!

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How on Earth am I going to guarantee that this thin door will indeed stay closed and sealed, protecting the valuable equipment inside, when every conceivable force in the universe will do its very best to see me fail?


The former airplane technician, now designer at one of the world’s most successful electronic enclosure manufacturers, could not find a reasonable answer to this very fundamental question in his line of work.


Back in the 70’s there was no such thing as Google to help you browse the world’s collected experience in search of solutions, so the designer reverted back to flipping through paper copies of catalogues containing the most advanced hinging and latching designs of the day.


Unsatisfied with his options, somewhere deep inside him the bold realization that he could actually do it better himself evolved from a flickering flame, and grew to a bright beacon of fire that would guide both him, his family and many of his friends from that moment on.


The fire, fueled by passion, German engineering skills, endless amounts of enthusiasm and energy combined with a deep desire to show the world that there is a better way to go about things in general and entrepreneurship and innovation in particular, has withstood the test of time and is indeed as strong today as it has ever been.


I am of course speaking of my father, Klaus Mölzer, and the first  three decades of development of Industrilås. The company started in our garage with nothing but a borrowed drill press, a potential customer and some crude designs of latches and hinges on copied paper held together by an elegant black plastic binder, representing the first ever Industrilås attempt at a standard product range.


Many years have passed since then. The young engineer/designer learned the hard way how to establish and build his organization. With the enthusiasm of a handful of people who were always there to support the infant company in its growth and goal achievements, slowly the company grew to what we all know today as one of the industry’s most innovative and passionate organizations for the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality access hardware.


Today my father is still very much guiding us, although retired from operational work, he oversees every major strategic movement from his seat on the board of directors. He has kindly and wisely delegated the duties of operating, managing and building the future of the company to other people, including myself and our dedicated group of Directors in Sweden and elsewhere.


Together we are all committed to live by and deliver on the promises and values that have always been at the very core of the Industrilås philosophy. I have learned that doing so is by far the easiest way to ensure that we stay innovative and passionate about what we do; meeting the high demands of our present and future customers and always looking for a way to deliver a “Wow! Experience.”  It may not be a black plastic binder anymore, but the content of this website is created with the same passion for innovation and quality that has been our trademark since the beginning. Happy exploring!



Fredrik Mölzer