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Integrated latching, hinge and sealing applications are a challenge unto themselves. Here, knowledge and overview are required. Industrilas possesses excellent know-how and controls the entire process chain - from initial conception through production, to the finished, coated end product.

  • Prototypes, 3D-printer
  • Tooling and moulding
  • Plastics technology
  • Casting / die-cast zinc
  • Turning, milling, forming, stamping
  • Surface treatment
  • Foamed PUR-gasket technology
  • Assembly, logistics

As we have all departments gathered under one roof, it is easy for our designers to constantly visit the different departments during their daily work. Feedback is immediate as we even eat lunch together, which results in development of new products with added improvements!

We are happy to offer you our experience, either as a service for individual customer solutions or as a finished product from our standard range. Just get in touch with us!

Design and development Design and development


Innovative designs only succeed with employees that combine industry experience, expertise and commitment for an application to create the best solution for you. We can help you decide what products to use in hot, freezing or rainy climates, as well as what items are most economical in your situation. Numerous projects and solutions demonstrate our competence.

Industrilas works with the SolidWorks 3D CAD system. On this foundation we develop the industry-oriented solutions for your demanding latching, hinge and sealing applications.

We design products with the requirement that ideas or market demands must be turned into working products at reasonable prices. This often includes that little extra “something“ using a blend of experience and unconventional thinking. Good design and great function is very important for us in this process. That is why we provide our customers with functional special design prototype models, so that form and function can be perfectly coordinated.

Tool- and mold making Tool- and mold making



Here at Industrilås the design department really works closely with the in-house toolmaking department. Since most of our tools are manufactured and serviced in-house, both our production and the high quality of the tools are guaranteed. When we cooperate with external partners, we place particular emphasis on reliability and experience. Our own tool department iToolconcepts is also used by clients to manufacture their own tools or molds.

The custom CAD-designs made by Industrilås are exclusively used for programming and for the construction of tools and molds for manufacturing our parts. Industrilås use modern machines and production methods resulting in efficient manufacturing, but we also keep a close eye on quality control .

The versatile machine park serves our different departments as die-casting, punching, turning, milling, injection molding, etc. The close cooperation with the tool department ensures rigorous tool checks after each production cycle. Maintenance is carried out before the tool release for subsequent production.


Plastics department Plastics department


Several parts in the Industrilås inventory are also produced using injection-molded polyamide (PA6). These are machines that can manufacture parts around-the-clock with robotic support and automated feeding.

The polyamide used by Industrilås 6 (PA6) is impact-modified for increased toughness using glass fiber additive in different amounts - usually 30% (GF30). The polyamide can be modified depending on the application and if it should be approved according to special standards, like "V-0 quality" in accordance with UL94 (the flame should self-extinguish within 10 seconds) or other standards in applications defined by the customer.

Industrilås also produces injection molded components made from other plastics such as polycarbonate (PC), polyoxymethylene (POM), ABS plastic, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene (PS). In addition, we also have an ultrasconic welding area where we fuse plastic details together, creating weather-proof seals around moving plastic parts.

Foundry and die-casting department Foundry and die-casting department


The product range of Industrilås include components made of cast zinc. We use an alloy from zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper called "ZAMAK 5". We chose this because of it's combination of outstanding castability and good surface finish.

The close cooperation with the tool department ensures rigorous tool checks after each production cycle. Maintenance is carried out before the tool release for subsequent production using a higly efficient ultrasonic cleaning process, carried out in three, carefully controlled steps.

At the time of writing, we process 3 tons of zinc per day.


Surface treatment department Surface treatment department


Industrilås strives to control as many production processes themselves. In 2008 we expanded our production to include our own powder coating plant in order to increase flexibility, reduce setup times, improve quality and decrease the environmental footprint by reducing external transports. In addition to powder coating, we also supply products with other surface treatments such as chrome plating, zinc plating, E-coating, black chromating, etc.

The powder coating system used at Industrilås consists of surface pretreatment (cleaning, applying the conversion layer), intermediate drying, electrostatic powder coating and finally drying.

The pre-treatment process used at Industrilås is called "Bonderite". The powder coating is carried out in a plant with a modern application equipment that electrostatically charges the powder to adhere to the product - and it is then heated so that the powder melts and creates a barrier, sealing off the detail from the outside elements. The applied powder coating is a special formula for the coating of porous workpieces like die-cast zinc or galvanized steel, which often has a microscopically porous surface during manufacturing.


The standard powder used by Industrilås contains polyester as a binder, which gives the finished components a quality of being UV-resistant - resistant to fading from sunlight.


The ED-coating method (electrolytic dip coating = applying a protective layer in an electrodeposition bath) is regarded as an alternative to powder coating and is particularly suitable when the tight tolerances is required. The ED-coating is a cathodic application of an acrylic-urethane polymer by electrophoresis . The surface produced is relatively smooth and somewhat glossy and thus has a decorative function. This UV-resistant protective layer is non-porous and has excellent corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.


ED-coating was classified by the Swedish Work Environment Authority as one of the most environmentally friendly methods for surface treatment.

CNC-turning department CNC-turning department


In the field of turning and milling technology Industrilås use the most modern CNC lathes, multi-spindle lathes and lathes with automatic bar loaders that can efficiently mass-produce or make short prototype runs depending on customer demand. The materials used are most commonly steel, stainless steel and brass.

Punching department Punching department


Punching, bending, shaping and forming metals are common processes in our factory. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic production of steel or stainless steel parts are done by the thousands every day.

Processing of rod material directly from the coil is done to manufacture different types of latching rods, with or without rollers.

Sealing department Sealing department


Industrilås is supplying an increasing number of products with fixed sealings on the products. This ensures the best of conditions for the customer when adding our product to their application, as the sealing will simply be in the correct position and will not fall off.


The so-called FIPFG sealing system (Formed In Place Foam Gasket), also called PUR seal (polyurethane sealant) or PU seal. With this method, a liquid sealant consisting of two-component polyurethane is applied directly on the product. The addition of the seal is carried out using a highly automated process where dosing, mixing and application is all done by robots.


During curing, the seal expands, resulting in a flexible, porous seal that simplifies installation, reduces the number of loose parts and provides improved tightness to water and dust.

Learn more about the process by looking at the video below.

Assembly department Assembly department


Having more than 30,000 different components in our production naturally means that planning and skill in assembling is of outmost importance when manufacturing our products. With carefully documented workflows and an MPS system, we follow our - and your - quality requirements across the entire production chain.


Industrilås relies on specially trained staff to ensure speed and flexibility that manual assembly offers.

Logistics department Logistics department


The Industrilas Group is headquartered in Sweden. This is the location of the Development Centre, the tooling, the production, the parts, assembly, the Logistics and Service Centre, as well as the Management. All functions of the global sales organization are directed from here. Industrilas products are delivered worldwide to customers and distributors.

Short routes and personal contact are important to us, so that is why Industrilas has an international presence with its own branches and a global network of partners. The proximity to regional markets and customers together with a clear focus on selected sectors form an important basis for our success.

Short routes, faster service

Industrilas has several decentralized logistics hubs in different global regions in order to guarantee close proximity to all our customers in Asia, North America, South America, Scandinavia, Africa and the Middle East.

Quality department, lab and testing facility Quality department, lab and testing facility


The most important parameters for the business of Industrilås are the employees, the customers and the environment - in other words, work safety, customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

Industrilås has a multitude of different instruments for controlling and monitoring their processes, activities and communications.
This system of instruments is called IMS "Industrilås Management Systems" and it's basis for the framework are international and national policies, regulations and standards for the manufacturing of our products. Necessary tests are carried out by external, accredited test laboratories. Internally, they also have the capacity to do cycle tests, tensile- and load tests as well as water intrusion tests.

Industrilås is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management System). Products of Industrilås meet the RoHS directives.


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